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2023 Summit Recap

Last year, we hosted 42 students from 21 schools across the Twin Cities. This year we want to double that number.

Want to attend the 2024 summit?

Youth Violence Prevention Program

Our Youth Violence Prevention Program is designed to help young people stay safe, reduce violence, and build a culture of respect and understanding.


The program focuses on providing youth and young adults with the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to help them make healthy decisions, identify and address the underlying causes of harmful behavior, and resolve conflicts peacefully while teaching them how to recognize the warning signs of domestic and intimate partner violence, develop healthy coping skills, and build meaningful relationships.

Who is a YVP Ambassador?

Agape Oasis' Youth Violence Prevention Ambassadors (YVPA), are motivated high school and college aged students who are passionate about promoting healthy interactions with youth and young adults by educating themselves, and their peers on relevant issues impacting their generations:

  • Consent Education

  • Safe Dating Practices

  • Intimate Partner Violence & Sexual Assault

  • Thriving Past Trauma


These issues along with other social matters that plague youth and young adults are important to discuss, and doing so will equip this generation of young people to navigate through life challenges including but not limited to: academic burn-out, familial and community disruptions, relationship violence, socialism, and racial injustices they face daily.

The YVPA are developed through Healing-Centered & Youth Empowerment Training via Oasis of Love Crisis Intervention Center, and  they lead school-based affinity groups centered around these topics.

Interested in becoming an Ambassador? Email Sarah Zalanga, our Community Intervention Specialist at

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