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Youth Violence Prevention Summit

Please register for TWO of the four available workshops & join us for a time of fun, unity & education!

Youth Violence Prevention Summit
Youth Violence Prevention Summit

Time & Location

Apr 22, 2023, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM CDT

727 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403, USA

About the Event

The Youth Violence Prevention Summit is an event curated by the inaugural group of Agape Oasis’ Youth Violence Prevention Ambassadors (YVPA) in partnership with the staff at Oasis of Love Crisis Intervention Center.

Youth are experiencing and being exposed to various types of violence in their schools, families, and community. In response to the challenges they’re facing as a result, these young people are leading the charge in making a difference by partnering with subject matter experts to provide safe spaces to educate and empower themselves and their peers.

The Summit will include 4 workshops led by industry experts with a wealth of experience working with teens and young adults in the areas of interest selected by the YVPA, arts and entertainment performances, and a resource fair with representatives from Youth-Serving organizations.

This year's YVP Summit Workshops include:

  • Unlocking Inclusion: How Intersectionality Impacts Relationships
  • The Power of Yes and the Meaning of No: Understanding Consent
  • Teens Talk Trauma: It’s Real, and How to Recover
  • Spill the Tea, Bro

Through this summit, we hope to build a youth ambassador program to equip students with tools and resources to continue fostering better relationships among peers and administration.

Workshop Selection

  • Unlocking Inclusion

    An educational workshop designed to explore how intersectionality affects our relationships. This interactive workshop will provide participants with an understanding of intersectionality and how it impacts our relationships in terms of power dynamics, communication patterns, identity & cultural differences. Through facilitated discussions and activities, participants will gain insight into how to create more inclusive relationships that recognize and celebrate the unique perspectives of others.

  • The Power of Yes

    This workshop will explore the concept of consent and how it is fundamental to healthy relationships. We will discuss the importance of understanding how to ask for and give consent, how to respect boundaries, and how to recognize when a "yes" or "no" answer may be coerced or not given freely. Through interactive activities and discussion, participants will gain a better understanding of what consent is and how to practice it in their daily lives.

  • Teens Talk Trauma

    A workshop designed to equip teens with the knowledge and resources they need to understand and cope with trauma. Through interactive activities, group discussions, and personal reflection, participants will explore the impact of trauma on their lives and gain practical strategies for self-care and resilience. This workshop is perfect for teens who want to learn more about trauma, understand how it affects them, and build skills to help them manage trauma-related emotions.

  • Spill the Tea, Bro

    This workshop will explore the various types of violence and their root causes. We will discuss the various forms of relationship violence, including physical, emotional, and psychological. We will also discuss strategies to address and prevent violence among friends, family, and in the community. Participants will gain a better understanding of the causes and consequences of violence, and practical age-appropriate strategies for addressing it.




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