Our Programs

Parent Education and Support

This program has been uniquely designed for men with anger and accountability challenges that have resulted in Domestic Violence. 

This program includes group counseling sessions, individual healing sessions, and Sponsors that aid in transforming  behaviors and educating participants on healthy relationship components.

Participants who have completed this In Him have become volunteers, employees, or In Him Ambassadors, advocating for the effectiveness of this program & doing their part to stop Domestic Violence beyond themselves.

Marpé is a Greek word that translates to “Inner Healing”.

Within these programs (Marpé Hope & Marpé 9), our advocates work with women who are victim survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault.

This program includes healing circles, individual counseling sessions, and resource linkage for women who are coming out of a domestic violence or sexual assault relationship or situation.

Agape Child Development Center serves as a partner in providing educational experiences for children in their most formative years. Parental involvement in a child’s learning is valuable and we take every opportunity to encourage our parents to be involved.

We provide Parent Empowerment Workshops, offer Parent Appreciation support, and parents into their child’s learning through volunteer & chaperone opportunities, keeping them informed through parent-teacher conferences, and keep an open door for communication and integrated services.

Child Development

  • Agape Child Development Center provides Early Childhood Education for children 6 weeks thru 12 years old.

Oasis of Love Crisis Intervention Center provides supportive services for children in accompaniment to the Marpé women’s group.

Oasis Kids Place provides children with a platform to receive behavioral therapy, mental support, and social and emotional development while their mothers are getting the services and resources that they need.

Family Health and Resources

With over 30 years of experience, Oasis of Love, Crisis Intervention Center was established to help combat the challenges of
domestic violence. With a firm commitment to preserving the family unit, our programs support men, women, and children.
Our services include:

1. Crisis Intervention for victims of family violence and homelessness
2. Financial planning and counseling
3. Client advocacy and short term support counseling (by appointment)
4. Non-standard 24/7 childcare
5. Resources, information, and referrals
6. Volunteer/Internship training and mentorship
7. Support groups for women and children
8. Intervention groups for women and children
9. Intervention groups and counseling for men who batter
10. Family issues meditation
11. Emergency Assistance

Phone#: (612) 287-9775